Thursday, January 28, 2010


Here are a few simple words that can likely summate the feeling of people after President Obama's first year. Hope, the hope to keep hoping; Hoping things will change; Hoping things wont remain the same; Hoping that this influencial black man; a presidential figure; A true pre-destined .... Man. In aspirations of changning the system President Obama has been met my a block of republican No's, Nay's and I told you No's. Its sad that our own Democratic Block cannot unite on an issue as large as Health Care Reform. You would think that maybe it would not be time for them to try and stick out and say no to each other. How hard did President Obama fight to get to his elected spot? How strong has he been as leader? Some would argue that he is not a firm leader but a man of great intellectual guidance. Sad thing is in Washington D.C that his guidance needs to be turned into counseling. The mass of Democrats are terrible at following directions, and it would seem that they need President Obama to hold their hand in the process of passing health care reform. These Dem's could have negotiated amongst themselves and solved this with 60 votes. They had the power to legitamize anything in the bill and pass it along without trouble. 2 large majorities in the house and in the senate could of made room for anything to become accomplished. Sad enough is the pathetic actions taken by the Republican Party in efforts to fire up their base; and unite under a single mantra of "No you can't." Truth be told it is brillant for them to not single each other out [as the democrats did] and for them to not point out each others' differences in this whole ordeal. Simply saying no to any democratic legislature shows unity and in a way collective ideals. When we look back at this era of politics it will be seen as an huge opportunity wasted in washington. I pray OBama gets a second term. More and More members of congress will thus gather under his uniting force. CRAZY thing is, 2012 will be his re-election year. I think that might have some serious implications.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sins of the People

During times like this people often wonder how and why these great catastrophes happen. It is not a simple answer and definitely not one that people think about. It is one that only a person of faith and strong belief in God & the Bible will understand. I for one did not accept this hypothesis initially but do find it rather intriguing and convincing once I continued to read and talk with knowledgeable persons about the issue. The Sins of the People on this earth have a direct correlation with the devastation and destruction in nature. In fact, nature responds and corrects itself according to the multitudes of sin. Prime example is that of Adam in the Garden of Eden before he bit the apple. Man and nature were at perfect peace with one another. Animals did not eat meat or each other but at from the trees and plants. Complete Homeostasis if you will, but not until Adam carried humanity into sin did nature evolve into the voracious specimen it is today. Since than nature has been at constant odds with humanity because of our sins and is in part correcting itself according to how we a people live. Earthquakes, hurricanes are all correlated to the magnitude of sin we have displayed and accepted. As we as people continue to accept things into our normal nature that are inherently sinful. Nature will continue to modify its normally peaceful ways into violently catastrophic displays.